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Humayun Dilawar : UK’s University of Hull issues statement after PTI’s Shayan confronts judge

London: Britain’s University of Hull has issued a statement after PTI worker Shayan Ali tried to confront Pakistani judge Humayun Dilawar.

The university also allegedly received multiple applications against Humayun Dilawar, the Pakistani judge who recently sentenced former prime minister Imran to three years in prison.

The university said that Pakistanis judges, who are taking part in training, are selected by high courts.

The statement was issued after it was claimed that judge Humayun Dilawar was expelled from the university over complaints against him.

A Pakistani reporter based in London said that the university had also received emails from overseas Pakistanis in support of the judge.

He said that university’s security had stopped Shayhan Ali from entering the campus and warned the protesters of legal action.

The reporter said that the judge had not fled from Pakistan after giving verdict against Khan.

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