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Ibrahim Richmond, South African priest, performs Hajj after converting to Islam

Mecca: Reverend Abraham Richmond is among more than two million Muslims who arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

The former pastor is a South African national who converted to Islam after having a same dream multiple times. He had thousands of followers as priest.

He said he was asked in his dream “Dress your followers in Muslim clothes. Then the dream was repeated, then the voice became stronger, and then I converted to Islam.”

Richmond is was accompanied by scores of his followers as he arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

According to what was reported in a video clip posted by the official Saudi government communication account on Twitter, Abraham Richmond, Islamic name Ibrahim said: “I was a priest 15 years ago, and I was the leader of worshipers in the church, and it has 100,000 followers until the dream came to me.” He added, “I slept in the church in a small room.”

“I heard this voice in a dream, telling me: Tell your men to wear white clothes.”

According to reports, his followers have also embraced Islam.

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