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Imran Khan asked to distance PTI from Major Adil Raja

Millions of Imran Khan’s supporters are influenced by a fugitive military officer, Major (retd) Adil Raja, a propagandist who would say anything to make money through his YouTube channel.

While Khan has distanced himself from May 9th violence and hinted at resolving matters with the army amicably, Adil Raja continues to provoke PTI supporters who have been at the receiving end of the state oppression.

Adil Raja, who has dual nationality and escaped from Pakistan after being in custody for a few hours, wants Pakistani youth to endure police operation and imprisonment while taking law into their hands.

The PTI supporters do not have a UK nationality like Adil Raja and most of them would not be able to get political asylum.

Sitting in his save haven, Major (retd) Adil Raja has colluded with some self exiled Pakistani journalists like Moid Peerzada, Wajahat Saeed Khan and others to pollute the minds of PTI workers.

They have left no stone unturned to pit Khan’s supporters against the country’s powerful military establishment.

Adil Raja’s influence on Khan’s party has also irked some senior party leaders who believe that the source of most of Khan’s information about the army is the fugitive military officer.

Raja recently launched a dangerous campaign aimed at creating a rift between Sunni and Shia Muslims. He is misleading the youth by speaking about the faith of the army chief and his family.

He has also urged overseas Pakistanis to stop sending remittances.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, saner voices in the PTI has said that Imran Khan needs to publicaly speak against Adil Raja and ask his supporters to stay away from his YouTube channel.

They believe that Imran Khan could have easily won the election and become the prime minister again, if he had not acted on the wrong advices from his aides who were deeply influenced by the propagandists like the former army officer and Pakistani journalists sitting abroad.

Adil raja and most of the self exiled Pakistani journalists rely on unverified information received through WhatsApp and spread it without even caring for confirmation.

Imran Khan has been warned by his well wishers that if he fails to speak against such elements, he should forget about making a comeback because he and his party workers lack the capability to take on the powerful military.

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