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Imran Khan’s ex brother-in-law accuses Maryam Nawaz of antisemitism

London: Former brother-in-law of PTI chairman Imran Khan has dismissed Maryam Nawaz’ claim that he belongs to Israel.

He was reacting to the PML-N leader’s criticism on Khan after his controversial remarks in latest TV interview.

Maryam said Imran Khan was following the agenda of Zac Goldsmith and ‘his country Israel’ by talking about the dismemberment of Pakistan.

“This is the daughter of former Pakistan PM. Needless to say I do not ‘belong’ to Israel. Besides admiring the country I have nothing to do with it,” Goldsmith said in a Twitter statement.

Accusing Maryam of antisemitism, Goldsmith said Maryam Nawaz knows that he does not belong to Israel.

Zac Goldsmith, the brother of Jemima Khan, was defeated by Pakistani origin Sadiq Khan in the race for London’s mayor.

Imran Khan had received backlash for supporting his former brother-in-law instead of backing Sadiq Khan in the election.

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