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Imran Khan’s popularity is decreasing says journalist

Lahore: Former prime minister Imran Khan’s popularity has started decreasing, said senior journalist Najam Sethi on his show.

He said only a few thousands people watched Khan’s speech on YouTube on November 15th.

Sethi said the PTI chairman’s popularity is decreasing because he is unable to build a new narrative after reversing his previous stance on various issues.

The journalist also talked about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s decision to postpone his visit to Pakistan.

He said that the visit was cancel due to Imran Khan. Asked why he didn’t visit India and other countries, Sethi said Saudi Arabia didn’t want to “pick” as it would have caused an irreparable damage to the diplomatic relations of both the countries.

He said Mohammad Bin Salman is quite upset with Imran Khan’s behavior and not ready to forgive him.

Najam Sethi also claimed that UAE and China were also not happy with Khan.

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