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Imran Riaz Khan stopped from leaving Pakistan

Lahore: Imran Riaz Khan admitted that his visa was cancelled after Pakiatan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) leader Monis on Wednesday hinted that the anchor and YouTuber was stopped from leaving the country.

Imran Riaz and Monis Elahi engaged in Twitter fight after the PML-Q leader said in a cryptic post that Imran Riaz had links with criminal elements.

Imran Riaz said that his visa was cancelled twice within a few days

He said Arshad Sharif’s visa to Dubai was also cancelled in the same manner.

“Game, players and pawns like Monis Elahi remain the same,”Imran Riaz said.

Responding to Imran Riaz, Monis Elahi said he was not referring to him.

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