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Indian TV mocked for blaming ‘Tiddi attack’ on Pakistan

Karachi: Indian media has the history of attacking Pakistan in most ridiculous ways one can imagine.

From Pakistani spy pigeons to clouds that caused heavy rains in India, the media has come up with conspiracy theories about every thing entering India from Pakistan.

In the past the Indian media blamed most of those happenings on ISI, Pakistan’s principal intelligence service.

But this time around the electronic media in the neighboring country has built a ludicrous story about the swarms of insects flying into India from Pakistan.

Although they fell short accusing ISI of sending these locusts (tiddi), a TV channel has run a story making every effort to prove that Pakistan was to blame for the loss of crops in Rajasthan , an Indian state bordering Pakistan, due to Tiddi attack.

The, TV channel, however, did not bother to inform the viewers that the locust attack as damaged crops in Pakistan too.

Twitter users in Pakistan have been mocking the broadcaster for misleading the viewers.

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