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Indians’ replies to Israeli PM’s tweet spark memes

Pakistani Twitter users are mocking supporters of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who belongs to a right-wing Hindu nationalist party, over their replies to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu tweeted flags of over two dozen countries to express his gratitude for supporting ‘Israel’s right to defend itself’ as his forces killed hundreds of innocent civilians in Gaza.

His tweet left some Indian supporters disappointed as the flag of their country was missing from the Israeli PM’s tweet.

A large number of Indian users reminded the Israeli leader that he forgot to mention their country. Some of them requested him to include Indian flag too. While extremist elements voiced their support for Israel in the latest escalation, New Delhi has not reacted either in support or against Israeli attacks.

The replies under Netanyahu’s tweet sparked some hilarious memes on Twitter in the middle of a human tragedy in Palestine.

Most of the memes were created and posted by Pakistani users who took aim at Modi’s supporters.

Here’s a collection of some memes:

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