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India,Pakistan face backlash for abstaining from voting on UN resolution on Ukraine

New York: Pakistan and India are receiving backlash after the South Asian neighbors decided to abstain from voting for the UN General Assembly’s resolution that “demands” Russia “immediately” withdraw from Ukraine.

Japan and New Zealand led condemnation from Asia, but the continent’s giants – China, India and Pakistan – all abstained. During the debate Beijing had stressed the world had “nothing to gain” from a new Cold War.

Reacting to the voting, English journalist and GB News presenter Alastair Stewart said, “India and Pakistan should hang their heads in shame and, henceforth, receive not a penny piece in aid from the UK.”

Thousands of people retweeted his comments against India and Pakistan and many others expressed their views in replies.

Responding to his remarks, an Indian Twitter user said, “First return our Kohinoor diamond and then talk about aiding India. UK owes much to India and we do not need any aid from UK. We are larger economy than uk. We have better space program than UK. So come out of dream.”

Another user argued. “Even without this disgusting behaviour today, I’m sick of us giving money to them [India and Pakistan]. Let them pay their own bills. Both can afford nuclear weapons and India can afford a space programme. We should give the money to countries who actually need and deserve it.”

China was among the 35 countries which abstained, while just five — Eritrea, North Korea, Syria, Belarus and of course Russia — voted against it.

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