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Islamabad: Family of Sulaiman Babar killed by ‘speeding car’ seeks justice

Islamabad: Judge Zeba Chaudhry granted pre-arrest bail to a man who allegedly crashed to death a young motorcyclist, Sulaiman Babar, on Main Margalla Road on February 9th.

The deceased’s sister Sana said the 24-year-old driver Syed Muhammad Baqir Alhussaini was over-speeding when he hit her brother’s motorcycle in front of Beaconhouse F-7/3.

She said the CCTV cameras installed as part of the Safe City Project will corroborate her claim.

Sana also shared a picture of the suspect which shows him flaunting a liquor bottle.

She said she revealed the identity of the driver because he had lied to her that he doesn’t drink.

Babar’s sister also criticized the judge for granting bail to Hussaini and took aim the Beaconhouse for refusing to provide CCTV recording.

Sana accused the police of trying to cover up for Alhussani because he allegedly belongs to an influential political family.

Multiple journalists said the Honda Civic car which hit her brother had a sticker with a powerful government department.

Islamabad-based court reporter Waheed Murad questioned why police let the suspect get pre-arrest bail without arresting him.

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