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Islamabad woman gets pervert arrested from F-9 Park, slams feminists over lack of support

Islamabad: Tooba Syed, a resident of Islamabad, with thousands of followers on Twitter, recently got a pervert arrested from a park in Islamabad.

She expressed her gratitude to police particulary DC Islamabad for the prompt action on her complaint against a man who flashed his penis to her at F-9 Park.

But she was shocked when she started receiving messages from random men. She thinks her FIR and contact number has been shared by officials whome she approached after the incident at the park.

The woman, who is a dentist and a political activist, has also lamented the fact that not a single renowned feminist in Pakistan has stood by her as she spoke against the system and what happened with her.

Here is the collection of tweets she wrote on Wednesday following the incident.

” There was a habitual sexual predator in F-9 park who would flash at women and children. Happened to me twice once a few months earlier. The last time I ran after him but couldn’t catch him. This time I was able to catch him and hand him over to police.

The man in question had a hole ripped through his shalwar and would come prepared every time. Today he started following us in the park & flashed and held himself.

When I ran towards him, he started stepping back in to a dark alley in the park My friend who was accompanying me stopped me cause she was scared from following him.

When I turned back towards my friend he came out from the bushes to flash at us again and started touching himself.

We were shocked, angry, traumatised and shocked. We ran after him but we lost him before we found him again looking for other people to do this to. We ran after him and 2 men helped catch him. I grabbed him and punched him down but the men started protecting him.

One of the men started lecturing me on how I should speak “respectfully” to this man who flashes himself to people. When I questioned him that why is he asking me to calm down when I have just been harassed.

The man said Theek hai phir aap khud he pakraiN and let the man go. The other man standing there helped us and stood by us when the bunch of men left saying they don’t want to help us out. I called DC Islamabad who picked up immediately and within minutes sent the police to the park.

I would also like to thank the man who stood by us the entire time and standing by our side for the whole time with his two small children, a girl and a boy while other men left to play cricket and do other things.

My address phone number and name were made public with the FIR and sent to WhatsApp groups. Since morning I’ve been pestered by media/random people literally dozens of calls on my phone. What the bloody hell is this!!!

The man is out and got bail. Director parks CDA called me today and he has forwarded his photo to all park staff to be vigilant and not allow him near children’s parks.

Gotta love the “famous” celebrities of feminism on here.I’ve gotten zero support from most known ones yet.Forget support not even an RT about a case.Goes on to show the sick competition culture of twitter.Will be documenting who did and who did not and write about my expectations.

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