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Issue of Pakistan’s missiles, nuclear assets not raised in IMF talks: official

Islamabad: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has been criticized for creating the impression that the IMF has demanded Pakiatan abandon it’s long-range nuclear missiles in return for the loan.

Speaking during a special Senate session in front of ambassadors of many nations on Thursday he said, “Nobody has any right to tell Pakistan what range of missiles it can have and what nuclear weapons it can have. We have to have our own deterrence.”

Quoting a senior official privy to the matter, economic expert Uzair Younus said the issue of Pakistan’s nuclear assets and missiles has not been raised in contact of the IMF talks.

Commenting on the finance minister’s statement, senior Pakistani economic Yousuf Nazar said, “Ishaq Dar is playing dangerous politics mixing unrelated issues while saying at the same time that the only outstanding issue with the IMF is assurances of funding from friendly countries.”

Critics said after failing to secure a people friendly agreement with IMF, Ishaq Dar is trying to build a narrative to hide his failure.

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