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Jamie Foxx’s illness: Kevin Sorbo uses Twitter to mislead people about COVID-19 vaccine

Nick Cannon has made a statement regarding the health condition of his friend and Hollywood star Jamie Foxx.

The statement came after news of Jamie Foxx going blind due to taking the COVID-19 vaccine started circulating online.

Actor Kevin Sorbo who is 1.6 million Twitter followers, believes the “Django Unchained” star’s illness is because of the COVID-19 vaccine.

He wrote, “Praying for Jamie Foxx.
I can’t imagine how many Americans are dealing with similar problems and the MSM hardly bats an eye.”

Meanwhile Nick Cannon said in his statement, “One thing I’ve always respected about how Jamie’s moved throughout his entire career, if you’ve noticed, he’s always been somebody who is extremely professional and extremely private. I mean, you don’t ever really hear anything other than just the great work that he puts forth as a professional and the fact that, you know, he’s handled this situation with the same manner, you only can respect that.”

He added, “I believe when he’s ready, he’s going to address the awaiting fans in the world [about his health scare] the way that only he can. I’m probably in the same boat as you in that same sense of just knowing that, you know, as a friend, just being as respectful as I can, I don’t pry. I don’t ask any other questions. And other than the information that’s given to me and, you know, what’s asked of me.”

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