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John Snorri’s family issues statement after Ali Sadpara declared dead on K2

Islamabad: Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara was declared dead by his family on Thursday after he went missing with his partners Juan Pablo and John Snorri on K2.

Hours after Sadpara was declared dead, Jon Snorri’s family also issued a statement.

Read the full statement below:

“We are greatful to all of those participating in the search and rescue operations of our beloved John Snorri, Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Juan Pablo Mohr on K2.

All three were strong mountaineers willing, able and with the courage to make history by standing on the top of K2 in winter conditions.

Based on the timing of the last known contact by John Snorri’s telephone we are confident that all three men made it to the top of K2 and as such something happened on the descent.

John’s Snorri’s family would like to extend gratitude to the authorities of Pakistan, Chile and Iceland for their devotion and efforts for finding our loved ones. There is no doubt in our minds that the extent of the search and the technologies used in the search were unprecedented and hopefully will improve the safety of future mountaineers around the world.

The Pakistani Army has been extremely supportive in these difficult times sharing resources and manpower. To the brave people of the Pakistani armed forces we say thank you for caring for Ali, John and Juan Pablo.

The friendship between Ali, Sajid and John is something which we will cherish. As such we are grateful for the safety and survival of Sajid.

Our Icelandic hearts are beating with Pakistani and Chilean hearts. Thank you to all who have devoted your time to the search and taken the time to care by sending supportive words and thoughts to us in these difficult times. Ali, John and Juan Pablo will live forever in our hearts.

John’s Snorri’s family”.

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