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Lahore cinema leaked videos spark privacy breach debate in Pakistan

International public policy and gender reforms specialist Salman Sufi on Saturday called the act of leaking explicit videos from a Lahore Cinema a breach of law and warned of legal action against people behind the incident.

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He posted thread on Twitter after the sexually explicit videos of two Pakistani couples went viral.

The videos were reportedly filmed in a cinema in Lahore with the help of night vision cameras.

Salman Sufi has demanded theaters and public places delete all video recordings that have no recorded safety threat as soon as possible.

“Just found that video recordings of citizens from cinema halls in #Pakistan have been shared around.

This is NOT acceptable and is a violation of law. We demand that all theaters/Public places delete ALL video recordings that have no recorded safety threat ASAP.

And add a Non disclosure agreement in every ticket purchase that gives the citizen a right to NOT allow the management to keep their recording if there is no safety threat. This is a serious breach of our privacy right & can never be allowed”.

Salman Sufi also threatened to launch a lawsuit against the establishment of such theaters who’s staff has been leaking videos.

“Management has a obligation to protect the citizens who trust them, any breach will not be tolerated,” he wrote.

A large number of Twitter users voiced support for Salman Sufi and agreed that action should be taken against those involved in the breach of privacy

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