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Lahore police arrest pervert for harassing women

Lahore: The Punjab police on Friday arrested a pervert and lodged a case against him for harassing women.

The action was taken after a women took to social media and shared a video of the man touching himself inappropriately in front her near Thokar Niaz Baig area.

According to reports, the suspect regularly masturbates in public in front of women. He was arrested after police were sent screenshot of the video in which he is seen performing the act.

An unnamed woman has recounted the details of her experience in Lahore’s crowded and busy streets with video evidence.

‘’This happened to me at judicial colony Thokar Niaz Baig near the gate number 5. The gate is located by Pizza 21. This man regularly stands here in broad daylight, harassing the women in the area by inappropriately touching himself in broad daylight. He even grabbed my friend’s leg around 12pm when she was returning from her university. She was petrified and could not report it anywhere but I made a video of him to show that men like him exist and need to face the consequences of their disgusting actions.

I am providing evidence of my experience. He stands at the same spot and does it every day. I wonder how many women fell victim to his sickening behaviour’,’ the women wrote in her complaint which has also gone viral on social media.

Punjab government spokesman Dr Shahbaz Gill applauded the police for arresting the culprit.

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