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Lauren Sanchez not Saudi Arabia behind leaked photos: NYT

Intimate photos and messages between Jeff Bezos and hi s girlfriend Lauren Sanchez recently ended up with a tabloid

London: The New York Times’ recent report on how intimate photos and messages of Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez got leaked to
a media outlet, contradicting the suggestions that Saudi Arabia might have hacked the billionaire’s phone .

According to the newspaper, the messages between Bezos and Sanchez were sold to the National Enquirer tabloid for $200,000 by none other than the brother of Sanchez.

Explaining how Michael ended up getting his hands on the private communication between the two lovers, the report said it was Sanchez herself who had sent those photos and messages to her brother.

The report said Sachez sent the messages and photos to his brother who later signed a contract with the Enquirer.

Earlier, it was claimed that Bezos got his phone hacked with malware sent by a phone number associated with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammaed Bin Salman.

Jeff Bezos’s relationship with Lauren Sanchez had led to end of his marriage.

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