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Limited war has begun between Pakiatan and Afghan Taliban says expert

Islamabad: Pakiatan and Afghanistan have gone into a limited war, said senior journalist Azaz Syed, who is also author of a book on al-Qaeda.

Commenting on the recent Afghan Taliban attack that killed six Pakistani civilians on the border between the two countries, he said that Pakiatan militants operating from Afghanistan have killed 115 policemen in Khyber Paktunkhwan during the last 11 months.

Citing a report by National Counter-Terrorism Authority, he said the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban tried to gain foothold in Pakistan when the country was facilitating talks between the Taliban and the United States in Doha.

Azaz Syed that Pakiatan’s economy is also suffering due to smuggling of US dollars to Afghanistan.

He said that the fence which Pakiatan installed along the border with Afghanistan has also been destroyed from several places by the Taliban.

The journalist, who is associated with Geo News, said that the Afghan Taliban are divided between the Kandahari and Haqqani groups.

He said the Taliban are unable to run Afghanistan where people are facing hunger.

The journalist also revealed that the Taliban installed a glob map in Kabul which shows Afghanistan occupying Pakistani territories.

Quiting former military officer Zahid Latif, Syed said that Pakiatan’s Afghan policy remained unchanged in four decades.

Azaz Syed said that Pakistani parliament should form a new Afghan policy after taking into confidence all the stake holders.

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