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Mala Ali Kurdistani ‘s modus operandi: expert says 70 percent of deaf people react to clap

Almost 70 percent of deaf people will say Allah and and listen a clap, said a Senior Special Education Teacher while commenting on the modus operandi of Mala Ali Kurdistani who is visiting Pakistan.

The cleric has been given warm welcome by some senior Pakistani politicians and lawmakers and multiple videos of Kurdistani are doing the rounds where he is seen clapping in front of patients and asking them to say Allah before kissing their heads.

Most of the people see this an outcome of the miracle he performs on his patients. Special Education teacher Khateeb Ahmad said two of his audiologist friends have called it a joke.

He urged the parents of special children to come out of the “Denial Phase” and accept that their kids are differently abled persons.

He said human disability cannot be completely treated. “Some parents do not accept their special children and spend their whole life comparing their children to others while spending money and wasting their energies”.

“Initially we can’t make people to accept the children’s condition. They start crying and cursing us, saying miracles happen in this world,” Khateeb added.

Then comes those who claim they can treat these disabilities by blowing air from their mouth.

He urged the society to accept the special children instead of declaring their birth an outcome of their parents’ sins and a result of illegal money earned by their parents.

He said not all special children can be treated by tablets, syrups, injections capsules or operations.

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