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Maleeha Lodhi becomes target of ‘fake social media campaign’

Maleeha Lodhi becomes target of ‘fake Whatsapp, Facebook campaign

Karachi: Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi has become target of social media campaign with users levelling serious allegations against the seasoned diplomat.

The messages circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp claimed that her son is married to a Hindu girl whose family is close connections with RSS, an extremists Indian outfit of which Narendra Modi is a life long member.

Some users have also circulated a picture purporting to show Maleeha Lodhi’s son and her daughter-in-law.

Senior journalists in Karachi has rubbished the claims and condemned the people behind the campaign against the Pakistan’s UN Representative.

They are of the view that the fake campaign would hurt sentiments of Pakistan’s Hindu minority.

Maleeha Lodhi is a former journalist and the first woman to hold the position of Pakistan’s Representative to the UN.

She had also served as Pakistan’s envoy to the Court of St James’s and twice as its ambassador to the United States.

Born in Lahore to an upper middle class family, Maleeha Lodhi has two siblings. The veteran diplomat was married to a banker in London, but they divorced after five years of marriage; together, they have a son named Faisal.

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