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‘Maleeka Bokhari’s video’ elicits reaction from PTI

The Pakiatan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said social media accounts linked to PML-N are spreading fake propaganda, and attributing a picture and video of an Indian model to Maleeka Bokhari.

“Actually it’s an Indian model which is shamelessly being portrayed as Maleeka Bokhari in a character-assassination campaign by PDM and its Lifafas,” said the PTI.

PTI’s Dr Arslan Khalid said, “PML-N is attacking Maleeka Bokhari  on Eid day by posting and labeling videos of an Indian porn model as hers. PML-N is led by a woman now but they still attack women in such despicable manner.I have never seen PTI or PPP people going down to this level.”

Below is the video being attributed to Maleeka Bokhari:

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