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Maulana Tariq Jamil reacts to reports regarding Nikkah fee at Master Tiles wedding

Lahore: Authorities were prompted to launch an inquiry after pictures from lavishing wedding of the Master Tiles and Jalal Sons went viral on the internet recently.

According to unconfirmed reports millions of rupees were spent on the wedding ceremony where top Pakistani actors and musicians were also in attendance.

The FIR recently released a statement and citing media reports said Maulana Tariq Jamil conducted the Nikkah at the marriage ceremony and reportedly received 1 million rupees for his services

The maulana on Friday refuted the report, saying he had an old friendship with Sheikh Mehmmod.

“How could I take money for conducting Nikkah on his request,” Tariq Jamil said in a statement on Facebook.

Tariq Jamil said that he has conducted thousands of Nikkahs during his during his efforts to spread Islam. The cleric said he did it only for Allah.

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