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#MeAt20: Expert warns against sharing pictures

#MeAt20 became the top hashtag trend on Twitter in many countries across the globe as users posted pictures of their younger selves.

Musicians, actors, sportsman and other prominent people also joined in by posting their throwback pictures.

Over 120,000 tweets containing pictures were sent by Twitter users within a few hours.

Pakistan’s renowned digital media expert and rights activist Nighat Dad has warned people against sharing their private private pictures on Twitter.

She urged people to respect their own privacy as their pictures will ultimately end up in government’s hands.

“Thank you everyone who is posting their pictures under #MeAt20 , it will greatly help big and small tech giants and eventually governments, their biometric databases to track and monitor you via artificial intelligence in future. You just made their work easy. #RespectYourPrivacy,” Nidhat Dad tweeted.

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