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Mehwish Hayat condemns ‘fans’ for discussing her bra colour under Independence Day post

Mehwish Hayat was among the Pakistani actors who had shared a picture with Pakistani flag to celebrate the country’s Independence Day on 14 August.

The actress opted for white shirt as she held the national flag to wish her fans on Independence Day. A day later, Mehwish revealed that she had received some inappropriate comments under her post.

Taking to Instagram stories, Mehwish Hayat said,”Literally sickened seeing some of the comments under this post. The perverts debating the color of my bra just shows how sick and petty their minds are. Black, grey or green it’s none of your effing business. For God’s sake grow up. No wonder the society is in the mess that it is.”

She added, “I would suggest that there are much bigger issues that need addressing. Only if this energy could be invested in better more worthwhile pursuits.”

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