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Modi’s pronunciation of Trump’s name sparks hilarious reaction in India

New Delhi: President Donald is Indian on a his maiden visit to the South Asian country where he addressed a large welcoming rally upon his arrival.

During his speech in Ahmedabad, the US leader praised Indian cricketers Sachin Tendular and Virat Kohli but failed to pronounce their names correctly.

“This is a country where your people cheer on some of the world’s great crickets players from ‘Soo-chin Tendulkerr’ to ‘Virot Ko-lee,'” he said.

Hundreds of people including ICC, the governing body of cricket, reacted to his pronunciation of the Indian names, posting funny comments on social media.

While the US leader was target of some funny reactions on Twitter, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also evoked smiles with his own share of tongue twisting.

“India’s friend… the President of the United States of America… Mr DoLand Trump!,” Modi said while welcoming the US leader.

His pronunciation sparked hilarious reactions on Twitter in India, with users saying that Modi, with his pronunciation, made Donald Trump sound like DoLund Trump (Double dick Trump in Hindi language).

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