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Muslim man destroys Hindu temple in Karachi

Karachi: A Hindu temple was vandalized in Karachi on Monday, sparking outrage across Pakistan.

According to residents of Ranchore Lane, a man entered the temple and started destroying statues of Hindu deities.

A large number of people including Muslims of the area gathered outside the police station to protest the incident.

The police dispersed the protesters after assuring them that a case has been registered against the attacker and action will be taken against him.

The police said the incident took place at the Narayan Mandir in Karachi’s old city of Narainpura on Monday evening.

The suspect who destroyed the statues was identified as Muhmmad Waleed Shabbir.

The Hindu community has demanded the government take notice of the attack.The incident comes days after a Sri Lankan man was killed over blasphemy in Sialkot.

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