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No lockdown in Sweden: Parks, restaurants,schools remain open

Most of the western world has gone into lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic but one country has decided not to follow their leads.

According to Fox News, Sweden never closed primary schools. Restaurants and shops have stayed open but large gatherings have been halted.

The vulnerable have been encouraged to stay at home but Sweden has never locked down.

They never embraced Chinese model of unprecedented society wide repression.

Responding to Tucker Carlson question as how exactly it’s worked for them and what could the US learn from them,health expert professor Joel Hay said Sweden is developing “herd immunity” by refusing to panic. He said Sweden has about the same death per million as the United States and yet they haven’t gone through work closures, pain and suffering,lost careers, lost jobs and lost families that US has to deal with.

He said the the people of Sweden are enjoying life at restaurants, parks and theaters.

The professor said that Sweden is trying to prove that measures being taken western world to prevent the COVID-19 are not necessary.

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