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Outspoken Fawad Chaudhry admits PTI govt was scared of judges, shares sincere advice for Miftah Ismail

Islamabad: Former information minister Fawad Chaudhry has demand Finance Minister impose taxes on retired judges and bureaucrats who are drawing more pensions than the salaries they received on their jobs.

The firebrand PTI leader admitted that his government couldn’t tax the powerful people because “we too were scared”.

He said that the judges have increased their pensions under their own orders and there is no tax on pension.

lamenting the state of Pakistan’s judicial system, he said that during a cabinet meeting Dr Shireen Mazari opposed allotting plots to judges in a housing society on Islamabad’s greenbelt.

He said that the cabinet also agreed with her that plots should not be alotted to judges.

He revealed that “our own law minister Farogh Naseem refused to implement cabinet’s orders.”

Fawad Chaudhry said Naseem told the cabinet how he would appear before the judges if plots are not allotted to them.

The minister opposed the government’s decision to impose more taxes on people who are already paying heavy taxes.

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