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Pakistan accused of sending Yarmuk missiles to Ukraine in latest propaganda campaign

Efforts are underway to pit Russia against Pakistan as Islamabad faces a latest wave of propaganda.

Despite Pakistan’s categorical denial that it has not provided Ukraine with any kind of weapons to use against Russia, some obscure media outlets are claiming that Ukrainian forces have launched Pakistani Yarmuk rockets against the enemy.

A Twitter account “Visegrad 24” shared a picture of what it said of Ukrainian troops firing Pakistani 122mm Yarmuk missiles on Russian positions.

Indian journalist Sakshi Tiwari also made the same claim in a report for EurAsian Times.

The report relied on a Twitter account to back the claim.

Thousands of Pakistanis saw the report after journalist Waqas shared “Visegrad 24” tweet asking whether the parliament’s approval was sought before sending the weapons to Ukraine.

His tweet led to outpouring of anger against the country’s armed forces.

Political commentators think Pakistan why would Pakistan provide Ukraine with weapons when it has abstained twice from voting on a resolution against Russia in the United Nations.

Below is the picture of the a report in which Pakistan denied helping Ukraine a few months ago.

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