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Pakistan chemical castration clause struck out after opposition from clerics

Islamabad: Much talked about clause of chemical castration of rapists in the Anti-rape law has been struck out last minute after opposition by Council of Islamic Ideology, senior journalist Mubashir Zaidi said while quoting a federal minister on Thursday.

When asked how can one legally strike out a clause if it has been passed in form of a Bill from the Parliament, BBC’s Zeeshan Haider said, “It was struck through an amendment before the house passed the bill.”

Zaidi, who hosts a show on Dawn News and considered one of the most credible journalists in Pakistan, said the law minister is due to hold a press conference on Friday to clarify the matter.

It was reported on Wednesday that Pakistan introduced chemical castration as a possible punishment for serial rapists under a law that also calls for faster trials of suspected sexual offenders.

According to Reuters, chemical castration, carried out by the use of drugs and reversible, is practised in Poland, South Korea, the Czech Republic and some U.S. states.

Amnesty International has called for investigations into the causes of sexual assaults instead of opting for harsher punishments.

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