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Pakistan lockdown: List of industries allowed to open

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday extended lockdown for two more weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is the list of of businesses and industries that would be allowed to open:

Industries to open

Medical Stores, Fuel, Media, Banks, Relief Activities, Grocery stores, Hospitals and food stores are already opened (including those related and relevant supply chain are open)

  • Chemical Manufacturing plants
  • Construction
  • e-commerce for export
  • software development firms
  • paper and packaging
  • industries who have labour on their premises
  • nurseries
  • machinery making units for agriculture
  • Glass manufacturing will be opened
  • Veterinary Services
  • Books and Stationery Stores
  • Export Industries with export orders verified by trade boards

This is an ongoing process, and the government will review the arrangements before Ramadan.

Electricians, Plumbers, Tailors, Rehri Walas, Chapar Walas are to be opened in Islamabad, KPK and Punjab only. (other provinces did not agree)

Construction sectors to be opened in phases:

  • brick, cement, crushing plants, pre fab materials and other fundamentals will be opened immediately in Phase 1
  • Construction sites will be opened in KPK and Punjab will be opened immediately, Balochistan and Sindh and GB have different opinions
  • SOPs have been made for all the industries to be opened today
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