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Pakistani cleric Taqi Usmani calls Saudi reforms against Islamic traditions

Islamabad: An influential Pakistani cleric on Saturday expressed concern over the Saudi Arabia’s latest measures which he said indicates a shift In the Kingdom’s direction.

Mufti Taqi Usmani, top Deobandi cleric associated with Darul Uloom Karachi seminary, objected to the deployment of woman police officials without Niqab in Ka’aba, allowing shops to open during prayer timings and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s lates remarks about Sunnah and Hadith and ban on Haj and Umrah.

A statement issued by Usmani said such policies are against the Islamic traditions and policies introduced by Abdul Aziz.

“We have always been admirers of Saudi Arabia for its services to Harmain and Hajis but reports coming from different sources are deplorable,” he said.

The Pakistani cleric urged the Saudi government to review its measures and correct itself.

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