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Pakistani police hound designer Khadija Shah who was praised by Kate Middleton

Lahore: Khadija Shah, the Pakistani fashion designer who chose Kate Middleton’s dress during the official visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to the South Asian country in 2019, has been accused of being behind the ransacking of top army commander’s house in protest against former prime minister Imran Khan’s arrest.

Some family members of Shah, the owner of Elan fashion brand, has been arrested while she remains at large.

Shah, a granddaughter of a former Pakistan army chief Asif Nawaz Janjua and daughter of former minister Salman Pasha, was allegedly caught on camera provoking protesters, shortly after Khan, a former cricket hero and arguably the most popular Pakistani politician, was arrested earlier this month on corruption charges.

The then Duchess of Cambridge had sent Khadijah Shah, a thank you note soon after she donned this monochrome outfit by her label.

It read: “Thank you so much for all of your help ahead of my tour to Pakistan. I am so grateful to you and your team for the wonderful selection you made for me to chose from — although having so many beautiful things did make the decision making a little more difficult! I loved the outfit I wore, so thank you for all your time and effort.”

Khadija Shah

The Princess of Wales also wore Elan dopatta (scarf) during her recent visit to a Muslim community center where a cleric refused to shake her hand.

Khadija Shah has also deleted her Twitter account which has thousands of followers, as police continued raids in a bid to arrest her.

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