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Pervez Musharraf death rumors rejected

Pervez Musharraf death rumors doing the rounds on social media

Karachi: All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) on Thursday rejected rumors that former military rulers Pervez Musharraf has died.

Rumors started doing the round on social media after it was reported by local and Indian media that the former Pakistani strongman was admitted to a hospital in a very serious condition.

Mehrene Malik, secretary-general of Musharraf’s APML party , said the party chief was in good health and was currently undergoing treatment in Dubai.

She requested the supporters to pray for earlier recovery of the former president of Pakistan.

One of Musharraf’s lawyers had revealed a few months ago that the former military dictator was is suffering from several diseases, including a rare life-threatening disease.

Pervez Musharrf ruled the country for years after toppling Nawaz Sharif’s government in a bloodless coupe in November 1999.

He is currently facing a treason trial at home and is also a suspect in the murder case of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

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