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Pervez Musharraf to be allowed to spend final days in Pakistan

Islamabad: A day after Pervez Musharraf’s family said that the former military ruler’s recovery from his illness was not possible, speculations are doing the rounds about his return to Pakistan.

Sources said that in case of death Musharraf would be laid to rest with military honors.

An Islamabad-based journalist said that the government has assured certain quarters of not making an issue out of Musharraf’s return.

The former president was given death sentence by a special court in high treason case which drew strong reaction from the military.

Musharraf spent most of his days abroad after he resigned as president in 2008.

Defence Minister Khuwaja Asif on Saturday said there should not be any hurdle in General Musharraf’s return to Pakistan in view of his bad health.

He said that past incidents should not be allowed to become hindrance if Musharraf wants to spend rest of his life in Pakistan with honor. He also prayed for the recovery of Pervez Musharraf in an Urdu language statement issued on Twitter.

Musharraf came to power in a bloodless coup in 1999 by ousting Nawaz Sharif.

Asif’s statement has been seen as a deal between the government and the country’s security establishment by political commentators in Pakistan.

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