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PM Imran Khan’s full speech at UNGA

New York: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday made a passionate speech at the United Nations General Assembly, asking the international community to fulfill its responsibilities in resolving the issue of Kashmir.

The prime minister, without mincing any words, warned that if given the choice between surrender or fight against an opponent seventh times larger than Pakistan, his country would chose to fight till the end.

He said the impact of the any conflict between the two nuclear armed nations would be far beyond the region.

In his over 45-minute speech, the Pakistani prime minister urged the world body to fulfill its commitments to help Kashmiris get right to self determination.

Imran Khan asked the world to stand against injustice instead of eyeing the investment opportunities in a country of over 1.2 billion people.

Below is the link to PM Imran Khan’s full speech at the UNGA

The Pakistani prime minister also apprised the world of RSS, a Hindu extremist outfit of which Mr Modi is a life long member, saying it is inspired by Hitler’s ideology of hate for other races.


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