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Port of Oakland: US ship with military aid for Israel stopped by protesters

California: A US ship slated to carry military supplies to Israel was occupied and shut down by protesters Oakland, California.

The ship was re-docked in the Oakland Port as pro-Palestine protesters stormed it.

The protesters were carrying Palestinian flags and banners calling for and end to US military aid to Israel.

Researcher and writer Becca Lewis, who attended the protest said, “I am here at the Port of Oakland with Bay Area community members protesting the delivery of weapons to Israel. At least one ship worker has walked off.”

The military ship later left the port of Oakland for Tacoma, WA where organizers were preparing to Block the Boat.

The demonstration was organized by a pro-Arab group but Americans were also part of it.

Number of protests against Israel are increasing in the US but the Biden administration has assured the Jewish state of its support in war against Gaza.

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