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Presence of minor daughter of Shahbaz Gill’s driver in court sparks outrage

Islamabad: The wife of Shahbaz Gill’s driver and assistant was arrested and produced before a judge on Thursday.

She was arrested during a raid conducted in search of Izhar.

A video of her minor child recorded outside the courtroom sparked outrage and prompted reactions from PTI chairman Imran Khan and other leaders of the party.

Civil judge Salman Badar ordered the police to let the child meet her mother in the courtroom after he was informed that the minor was stopped from meeting her mother.

The Islamabad Police defended the arrest of the driver’s wife and said the the scope of the investigation could also be spread to other province.

Police said Shahbaz Gill had handed his mobile phone to his driver before his arrest and when they arrived at his home to recover the device they were attacked by the family of Izhar.

A brother-in-law of Izhar was also arrested during the raid.

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