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PTI campaign against ISI brigadier elicits reaction from military

Islamabad: PTI’s allegations against ISI’s Lahore Sector Commander have elicited response from the military.

Without naming the officer, seasoned Pakistani journalist Ansar Abbasi reported he was told by insiders that the brigadier being targeted by the PTI is not in Lahore for over a fortnight in connection with some of his professional work in Islamabad.

In his report for leading English newspaper The News, Abbasi wrote that Chief of the Army Staff General Bajwa has issued directions to army and ISI officers to avoid from meeting politicians.

“These directions have been given in the wake of Imran Khan-led PTI propaganda against the military establishment alleging certain ISI officials of having been involved in political engineering to manipulate the upcoming by-elections in Punjab to the disadvantage of PTI,” said the report.

Meanwhile, anchor and YouTuber Imran Riaz Khan, who is allied with PTI and was previously known as establishment’s mouthpiece, has also levelled serious allegations against Brigadier Rashid.

Independent analysts and journalists are surprised to see the restraint shown in case of Imran Riaz, Siddique Jan and other YouTubers and anchors who are attacking the military establishment for not siding with the PTI and Imran Khan.

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