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PTI women workers played major role in Punjab by-polls victory says Azaz Syed

Islamabad: Umer Cheema and Azaz Syed, one of Pakistan’s most credible and fearless journalists, have launched their own YouTube channel.

In their first show on TalkShock, the journalists associated with Pakistan’s largest media group talked about Imran Khan’s recent victory in the Punjab by-elections.

Azaz, who is known for his anti-establishment views, told Cheema, a fierce PTI critic, that women workers played major role in the party’s victory.

Azaz Syed, who was covering the election in PP 7 Rawalpindi constituency, said that the PTI workers appeared to be active and aggressive on the election day while the PML-N activists seemed passive.

The Geo News senior correspondent said that people actually voted against the country’s security establishment.

He accused the PML-N of striking a deal with the same forces which had long been working to bring it down.

Azad Syed said that Imran Khan is a political reality and has made a impressive comeback.

He said that Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz should be held accountable and criticised for their political decisions.

Umer Cheema was of the views that it was the economic decisions taken by the PML-N government that led to its defeat in the by-polls.

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