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PTV reacts to reports about appointment of Saleem Safi’s brother

Islamabad: The Pakistan Television (PTV) on Tuesday termed the reports regarding the appointment of anchor Saleem Safi’s brother as Director PR of PTV on special salary package as fake.

The reports shared on social media said the the appointment of Rasheed Safi after his meeting with Shahbaz Sharif. 
PTV issued a statement which said, “With reference to FAKE NEWS circulating in certain sections of media regarding senior journalist Mr Rasheed Safi (@Rashidsafi) this is to clarify that: 
1 – The previous Government (PTI) hired the concerned as Head of the Afghan Desk after Govt change in Afghanistan (Aug 2021).
2- That Mr Safi has neither held the post of any Director (as wrongfully claimed) nor held any management position at PTV at any point during his tenure at PTV, other than his assigned responsibilities.

3- That after the change in Government Mr Safi has discontinued his service as the Head of Afghan Desk.

We request person(s) to not peddle in misrepresentation/character assassination of any person(s) in this regard and always ascertain facts before spreading disinformation on social media against any individual.

Further any such news should be cross-verified with PTV management for authenticity and news should only be posted after its veracity has been ascertained.”

Mehmood Jan Babar, a senior journalist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, said Rasheed Safi was appointed by the then information minister Fawad Chaudhry.
He said Safi quit his PTV job after PTI government was removed.

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