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Russian flags waived in Imran Khan’s Lahore rally

Lahore: Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday addressed a rally attended by what his party said millions of people in the country’s cultural capital.

Khan, who accuses the US of ousting him from office through a no-confidence motion in the parliament, asked the government and the military to call early election.

The former cricket hero, in his previous speeches, said the US and the West turned against him for undertaking a visit to Russian on the eve of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

While Pakistan officially criticized Russian attack on Ukraine, Imran Khan’s supporters on Thursday brought Russian flags at the mammoth rally held by his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) or the Movement fo Justice.

Khan’s supporters were seen waving Russian flags to the party’s anthem during the rally where the former premier said he would soon march on Islamabad, the capital of the nuclear armed nation.

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