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Sheikh Rasheed’s remarks about Imran Khan recorded in Waseem Badami show in 2016: Fact-check

Islamabad: Amid civil-military tensions over the appointment of new ISI honcho, a clip from anchor Waseem Badami’s show is being circulated on social media.

In the clip, when Waseem introduces himself to Sheikh Rasheed over the phone, the politician is heard saying ‘Imran Khan has gone crazy” to someone without realizing his mic was switched on and his voice could be heard by viewers.

Some users tried to link the interior Minister’s remarks to the current situation while overlooking the tickers on the ARY screen.

Tickers are about an attack on Quetta’s police academy which took place in October 2016.

The tickers show that Sheikh Rasheed’s purported remarks aired in 2016 and they are not about the current situation.

Below is the BBC report on the attack:

Militants kill dozen at Balochistan police college

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