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Storm in Pakistan: Met Office rejects news report as fake

Karachi: The Pakistan Meteorological Department has ruled out any possibility of a storm hitting Pakistan and rejected all the reports in this regard as baseless.

The Met Office on Sunday issued a statement, rejecting a news report published in Daily Jang about the storm as fake.

It said the monsoon season is over in Pakistan and there are no chances of heavy rains as reported in the news report.

The Daily Jang report was apparently based on Whatsapp messages that have been doing the rounds on multiple groups for the last few days.

The newspaper report had quoted the Met office as saying that a strong storm was expected to hit Pakistan within 48 hours causing heavy downpours and hailstorms in 70 percent of Pakistan before heading to India.

According to the report, the Met Office had warned people to adopt precautionary measures ahead of the unexpected rains which would be triggered by a low pressure system.

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