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Taylor Swift gets trolled by official Twitter account of Israel

A post shared by an official account of the state of Isreal on X, formerly Twitter, has angered thousands of Taylor Swift fans.

The post featuring Taylor Swift seemed to imply that the singer lost a loyal man who chose to fight for his country for some fault of her as it referred to the Israeli bodyguard who recently went viral.

“Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour bodyguard returned home to fight for his country. Hey Taylor Swift, we promise you’ll never find another like him. We love you Eran,” read the tweet which contained pictures of Taylor Swift and the guard who protected the singer during her recent performance.

Swifties urged Israeli authorities to keep the singer away from the war propaganda as they condemned the tweet addressing Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift has chosen not to mention the Israel and Hamas conflict in her social media posts.

She also ignored the tweet by official account of Israel.

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