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Taylor Swift’s Israeli bodyguard never claimed to be disgusted by her silence on conflict

A post on X, formerly Twitter, claiming Taylor Swift’s Israeli bodyguard resigned because he was disgusted by the singer’s lack of condemnation of Hamas attack on Israel got over two million people within hours.

The post, shared by author Nick Adams, read: “Taylor Swift’s Israeli bodyguard just resigned from her detail to fight Hamas with the IDF.

He reportedly gave up the $500,000/year job because he was “disgusted” by the woke pop singer’s refusal to condemn Hamas’ atrocities against the Jewish people.

Pray for this brave man as he fights against the evil terrorists that Taylor supports.

Taylor Swift’s security guard has returned home to Israel to fight Hamas terrorists – three months after going viral for his perfect protection of the singer at her Eras Tour concert. The unnamed guard, who was reportedly a member of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) before coming to the USA, flew back to the Middle East as he ‘couldn’t stand by while families were slaughtered and burned alive in their homes’ – reports Eran Swissa of news site Israel Hayom.”

The claim made in the tweet is incorrect because the unnamed bodyguard never said he was disgusted by Taylor Swift’s silence on the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

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