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Turkish official calls subtitles of Erdogan’s video on PM Imran, Kashmir fake

As India deprived Occupied Kashmir of its special status earlier this month, political opponents of Prime Minister Imran Khan accused him of striking a secret deal on Kashmir.

The social media wings of some opposition parties have been spreading fake videos and pictures as part of their campaign to blame the country’s prime minister for whatever has happened in Kashmir.

Although the prime minister has sent a strong message from the parliament as well as on his social media accounts to the Indian government, no amount of efforts made by the former cricket hero have satisfied his opponents.

As part of their propaganda campaign some anonymous accounts have been circulating a video of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with misleading subtitles.

The Urdu language subtitles purport to show that the Turkish leader is criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan over Kashmir and assuring Pakistani nation of his support.

Now a senior Turkish politician and a member of Justice and Development Party (Turkey’s ruling party ) has come forward to clear the air.

Ali Sahin, -Former Deputy Minister for EU Affairs and Chair of Interparliamentary PAK-TURK Friendship Group , on Thursday took to Twitter and shared the video.

He dismissed the Urdu subtitles of the video and wrote the English translation of what President Erdogan is saying.

He said Urdu subtitles of the video are totally fake.

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