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UET Lahore bars male, female students from mixing with each other in canteens

UET Lahore

Lahore: The management of the University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore has ordered the cafeterias and canteens located within the campus to make separate sitting arrangements for male and female students.

“You are informed that Vice Chancellor has ordered that separate sitting arrangement with suitable partition be made for male and female students with immediate effect. In this regard necessary measures be taken forthwith,” read a letter dated September, 6, 2019.

A photo of the letter issued by the UET

It said the Vice Chanellor and Resident officer will make surprise visits to check arrangements.

“Is case of no observance of instructions the cafeteria/canteen shall be sealed without any notice,” it warned, without elaborating on why the UET felt the need to impose such restrictions.

Social media users have criticized the UET’s decision while a local broadcaster reported that Punjab Governor Chauhdyr Sarwar has taken notice of the matter and asked the authorities concerned to withdraw the order.

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