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UK is pioneering work on coronavirus vaccine, says PM Johnson in lockdown speech

British Prime Minister Boris Johson on Monday announced a complete lockdown of his country as the coronavirus continued to spread.

The prime minister said the police would enforce the lockdown during which only people providing essential services would be allowed to come out of their homes.

In his address to the nation, Johnson requested people to stay at their homes in order to help authorities reduce burden on NHS.

“At present there is no easy option,” he said. “The way ahead is hard and it’s still true many lives will sadly be lost,”

He assured the people that government would review the restrictions after three-week time and would relax them if evidence shows it.

“With the time you buy by simply staying at home, we are increasing stocks of our equipment and accelerating our search for treatment. We are pioneering work on a vaccine to turn the tide on the this invisible killer,” he said.

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