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UN Watch: Imran Khan’s aide reacts to criticism

Islamabad: UN Watch, an international NGO, has reacted strongly Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement that “blasphemy in garb of freedom of express in intolerable”.

Reacting to PM Imran’s statement on Twitter, UN Wath’s official Twitter account wrote, “Your presence on the UN Human Rights Council is intolerable”.

The prime minister’s aide Dr Arslan Khalid condemned UN Watch for its tweet, saying the HBO has nothing to do with the United Ntaions.

He said the UN Watch is pro-Israel with evident bias against Muslims. Taking to Twitter, Khalid said “such acts by pr Isreal NGOs only proves that PM Imran Khan comments of not accepting Israel has hurt all these anti-Muslim lobbies.

UN Watch on Sunday further criticized Pakistan by citing Indian media reports on human rights violations.

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